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Lightly marinated herring fillet, horseradish and cottage cheese cream, smoked potatoes

7.50 EUR


Fish croquettes, grilled asparagus, white wine sauce, trout caviar

8.50 EUR

Pan fried scallops, black pudding, hollandaise sauce, trout caviar

12.00 EUR


Ceasar salad, white wine steamed tiger prawns, home made ceasar dressing

13.00 EUR


Ceasar salad, grilled chicken breast, home made ceasar dressing

10.00 EUR


Beef fillet carpaccio, red wine marinated onions, parmesan cheese, marinated mushrooms, dijon mustard cream

10.00 EUR


Wine platter – selection of cheese and dry aged meat, mango chutney, caramelized onions

14.50 EUR


Beer snack platter – fried calamari rings, cheese balls, anchovies, garlic toast

10.50 EUR


Pavlova and mascarpone cream

7.50 EUR


Dark chocolate lava cake, vanilla ice cream

7.50 EUR


Classic Napoleon cake
7.50 EUR


Lamb “Harčo”, sour cream
7.50 EUR


Tomato-coconut fish soup

7.50 EUR


Grilled aubergine, black lentils, steamed kale, green oil

8.50 EUR


Pike perch fillet, mussels in white wine cream, capers, asparagus, baby carrots, trout caviar

16.00 EUR

Mussels steamed in white wine cream and garlic baguette
0.5 kg I 10.90 EUR

1kg I 14.90 EUR


Beef entrecote, potato croquettes, grilled vegetables, brandy-peppercorn sauce

24.00 EUR


Beef burger, caramelized onions, crispy pancetta, french fries

14.00 EUR


Slow cooked pork belly, burnt apple cream, fried leek, groat porridge

14.00 EUR

Pasta linguini with crayfish, garlic butter and parmesan

13.00 EUR

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