Tuna tartare with mango chutney, fresh cucumber, capers, ciabatta toast and lemon sauce
8.90 EUR

Avocado tartare with sun-dried tomatoes, cocktail shrimps and ciabatta toast

/7.90 EUR /

Beet carpaccio with caramelized goat cheese, cream cheese and basil pesto

/5.90 EUR /


Beef carpaccio with parmesan cheese, capers and truffle honey

/8.50 EUR /


Wine plate - blue cheese, cheddar cheese, brie cheese, salami, prosciutto, grapes, grissini bread tongs with mango chutney and onion marmalade

/13.90 EUR /


Beer snacks - garlic toast, squid rings, fried anchovies and cheese balls with garlic sauce

/9.50 EUR /


Sea bass savory with avocado, cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber and lime sauce

/9.90 EUR /

Grilled asparagus with chickpea hummus, potato croquettes and grapefruit sauce

/6.50 EUR /



Caesar salad with fried chicken and homemade Caesar sauce

/8.90 EUR /


Caesar salad with shrimps stewed in white wine and homemade Caesar sauce

/10.90 EUR /


Greek salad with pesto

/7.50 EUR /


Fresh leaf, berry and vegetable salad with fried halloumi cheese and lemon-pomegranate sauce

/8.00 EUR /


Beef fillet salad with lime sauce

/9.00 EUR /


Tomato soup with seafood and mussels

/6.50 EUR /


Lamb goulash soup

/5.90 EUR /


Vegetable cream soup with feta cheese and seeds

/4.50 EUR /

Main courses

Entrecote steak with French fries, grilled vegetables and gorgonzola cheese sauce

/23.00 EUR /


Beef burger with French fries and buttered vegetable salad

/11.50 EUR /


Chicken burger with French fries and fresh leafy vegetable salad

/9.50 EUR /


Vegetarian burger with sweet French fries and leafy vegetable salad

/7.50 EUR /


Duck fillet with sweet potato puree, spinach steamed in white wine, and cherry demi glace sauce

/13.50 EUR /


Corn chicken with butter pumpkin puree and grilled vegetables

/11.90 EUR /


BBQ ribs with grilled corn on the cob and potato wedges

/13.90 EUR /


Beet risotto with Parmesan cheese and scalded egg

/8.90 EUR /


Grilled Teriyaki salmon fillet with fresh berry salad, caramelized pecans and honey-lemon sauce

/13.90 EUR /


Pasta Tagliatelle with salmon and mussels

/12.50 EUR /


Mussels in white wine sauce with garlic butter baguette

/8.30 EUR /


Grilled octopus with Romanesque, wild rice and piquillo pepper sauce

/16.00 EUR /


Chocolate fondant with raspberry filling, ice cream and fresh berries

/5.90 EUR /


White chocolate panna cotta with strawberry sauce and fresh berries

/5.90 EUR /


Coconut milk - Chia seed pudding with mango puree and fresh berries

/4.90 EUR /


Cream brulee with fresh berries

/5.50 EUR /


Homemade cheesecake with strawberry sauce and fresh berries

/5.50 EUR /


Homemade tiramisu with fresh berries

/5.90 EUR /