Salmon fillet tartare with shallots onion in red wine,
breaded quail eggs, pickled capers, toast and white truffle cream

7.90 EUR

Beef fillet carpaccio with pickled stems, apple chips smoked cheddar cheese,
fresh herbs and mustard-honey sauce

8.90 EUR

Assorted snack plate with wine dried red pepper sausage, pork ham, white mold salami, blue mold cheese, brie cheese, smoked cheese, mango jam and red onion marmalade
13.90 EUR

Beer snacks breaded anchovies, crab claws, squid rings, garlic toast,
spicy cheese balls, sweet chilli sauce, garlic sauce

12.90 EUR

Various leaf salad with mountain goat cheese, fresh strawberries, cherry tomatoes, avocado,
caramelized almonds and balsamic cream

7.90 EUR

Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast,

and homemade caesar sauce

8.90 EUR


Caesar salad with white wine and garlic butter
stewed tiger prawns / grilled salmon and homemade caesar sauce

10.90 EUR

White wine mussels with freshly baked bread and garlic butter
7.90 EUR


Seafood broth with lemongrass steamed vegetables and crayfish tails
5.90 EUR

Clear root broth with chicken and fresh herbs

4.90 EUR


Traditional cold beet soup
4.40 EUR

Tomato gazpacho soup with balsamic cream
4.00 EUR

Main courses

Pasta Tagliatella with cold smoked salmon, stewed asparagus, cherry tomatoes
and cheddar cheese-cream sauce

9.00 EUR

Oven-baked salmon fillet with green pea puree,
stewed seasonal vegetables, beet cream and white wine-caper sauce

13.90 EUR

Fried pikeperch fillet with sweet potato puree,
steamed seasonal vegetables and lingonberry sauce

12.90 EUR

'Hereford' beef fillet steak with grilled seasonal root vegetables and
reduction of beef broth-red wine

17.90 EUR

'Hereford' beef RIB steak with caramelized seasonal root vegetables and
reduction of beef broth-red wine

34.90 EUR


'Hereford' beef burgers
with Steakhouse potatoes and fresh vegetable - lettuce

10.90 EUR


Grilled chicken fillet burgers

with Steakhouse potatoes and fresh lettuce, vegetables
9.90 EUR


BBQ - pork ribs kept in horseradish kanja marinade with
grilled corn on the cob, fried potato wedges and fresh vegetable - leaf salad

13.90 EUR

Chicken fillet kept in honey - mustard marinade with
caramelized seasonal vegetables and Gorgonzola cheese sauce

11.90 EUR


Dark chocolate tart with roasted walnuts and wildflower gel
4.90 EUR

Coconut milk - chia seed cream pudding with mango puree and fresh berries
4.90 EUR

Carrot cake with rowan marmalade and fresh berries
5.90 EUR

Cream cheese cake with rye bread biscuit base and
rhubarb sauce

5.90 EUR

Ice cream selection with caramel / wild / chocolate sauces
4.40 EUR


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